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Intentions for the Spiritually Aware Parent by Christina Fletcher

That feeling you get when you speak with a stranger and know, just know, that you will become quick and forever friends. That was the immediately goose-bumpy feeling that overtook me when I read this book.

Written from her heart and experience raising three children while operating a business and figuring out life herself, Intentions has more truth to it than any parenting book I’ve read.

Fletcher has the awe inspiring ability to capture so many frustrating moments of parenting and put them in a constructively positive way that can help us all grow. Though written for parents, each insight can be useful for all human beings as we all struggle with understanding why difficult situations happen in our lives.

This book doesn’t have to be read all at once and can very easily be more helpful if you read just a portion of it when you’re feeling out of control. Its simple passages help ground the reader and switch their perspective to interrupt an awful day. When you feel like your world is spinning out of control, Fletcher’s voice brings you back into the here and now so you can begin to be yourself again.

Fletcher gently describes the amazing effects and hopes of becoming then being a parent from conception through to toddler stage in a way that made me feel more confident in what I’d done up till now. The lessons this book taught me will continue to help me understand how to be a better parent.

We all strive to be the best people we can be and when we become a parent we adopt two levels of ourselves, who we really are and who we are as a parent. There are many books available which try to explain things and make sense of others while the Spiritually Aware Parent compounds this and speaks right to your soul. Residing in our very own county, Fletcher’s writing and wisdom pair to make an amazing tool which is geared mainly towards the mom of the household but can definitely be appreciated by the father and other family members, too.

A full 10 out of 10 hearts plus a gold star for this wonderful read which I’ll keep on hand to help me through the possibility of more parenting and personal woes. A must read for anyone who plans to have or already has a family.

“On and Off, Connected and Disconnected, it is the balanced dance we all partake in, and by doing so we grow, discern and learn.” ~ Christina Fletcher

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