Town should support Lions Club’s park proposal


To the Editor:

I wanted to make my feelings known about the town’s decision to change its agreement with the Lion’s Club regarding the proposed work that the Club would like to do to make better use of the property at Quarry Pond.

I was one of the original signers of the petition when the Club asked for support for creating a usable park on this site for the community. I was happy to support this initiative and also to support the ongoing work of the Lion’s Club in and around Pictou for the many decades it has been offering services to the people of Pictou. The Lions have been outstanding in their provision of many and varied services, parks, fields, etc. and who could forget the fact that they bought the car for the VON in Pictou for so many years?

I am hopeful that the town administrators can see their way clear to lease the land to the Lion’s Club for at least a 10 year period without any codicil that would allow for other development. We need more spaces in and around town that work for individuals and families as recreation opportunities and having the Quarry Pond utilized as an all-season spot, especially as it connects to our Jitney Trail, is a win-win for us all.

May your continuing discussions bring a beneficial close to this conflict and may we all as members of the community be able to see the wonderful energy, initiative and hard work that the Lions want to contribute to our town come to pass in this park.

Anne F. Bulley


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