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From learning to sew at age 9 in 4-H to Dalhousie University for costume studies, Lynnette MacKay of Plymouth has been sewing for most of her life and it was after her second baby that she began creating cloth diapers.

As diaper fabric became available she began creating cloth diapers for her daughter, and soon other children as well. This was when Crabby Pants Diapers was created.

Four years later and MacKay is preparing to head to Hal-Con this weekend (September 22-24) with bunches of diapers for every kind of nerd and geek.

“All my comic book and Doctor Who diapers are the ones that sell the fastest,” she said. After someone suggested she should become a vendor for the Halifax comic book convention, she applied with samples and heard the good news in the spring of this year.

“I started around early spring and I’ve been madly sewing ever since,” she laughed.

As well as selling her cloth diapers at the convention MacKay will also have wet bags and reusable snack bags available. For anyone unfamiliar, a wet bag is made from the water-resistant diaper fabric meant to hold wet bathing suits or dirty diapers. A reusable snack bag is a small pouch made from the water resistant and food safe diaper fabric to help prevent the use of dozens of disposable plastic bags, great for back to school use as well, MacKay added.

“I’m excited to see everyone’s costumes. It will be an exciting place to people watch,” she said.

Not only will MacKay be taking in all the costumes but she and her partner and her daughters will be sporting their own costumes that MacKay will be making for the convention. All four of them will be suited up as different versions of Wonder Woman on Saturday. On Sunday, MacKay and her partner will be going as the TARDIS and a Dalek from Doctor Who.

To find out more about MacKay and her diapers check out Crabby Pants Cloth Diapers on Facebook or or email

Lynnette MacKay of Plymouth shows off some of her diapers she will be taking to Hal-Con this year. (Brimicombe photo)

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