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The Yellow Gold Is Black by A. Doreen MacLeod

A heartbreaking journey of making the decision to work out west while the rest of your family is in Eastern Canada is a common one. One which we can all relate to in some way or another.

Doreen MacLeod’s son was one such person who, after several layoffs and the struggle of finding a job locally for him to practise his education in welding, decided to go out west.

This story, written in first person, is the story of one and many. While the dates and situations may be unique, the overall meaning and emotional hardship behind each segment is what every family in this situation goes through.

A short read but one that took me longer than I would have expected simply based on the power behind the words. MacLeod, having kept a journal of her watching every time her son left home, referred to it in creating this non-fiction piece based on her own and her son’s experiences.

I give this story my highest ranking, 10 out of 10 hearts, as it taught me a lot about what the cost of oil is, outside of the monetary factor. As well, the difference in weather on the other side of the country and how it effects our boys, and girls, away from home.

MacLeod is a visual artist and began writing after retirement and lives in Braeshore, Nova Scotia.

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