Big Dog run draws crowd

TRENTON – Running enthusiasts hope the first annual Big Dog Run in memory of Glen Chennell is the start of something big.

About 100 people of all ages gathered on Sunday at Steeltown Park in Trenton for the event that pays tribute to Chennell, a local runner with encyclopedic recall of his road racing exploits and those of his fellow runners.

It was a perfect race day to gather and celebrate and organizers felt the spirit and determination that was a hallmark of Chennell was on full display in all the runners. Old memories were shared and new ones were made.

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The run replaced the Vince MacDonald Memorial race that completed 25 years in 2016. The new event is being scheduled as the past one was on the first Sunday in November.

The previous run was in memory of Vince MacDonald, who grew up in Trenton and often trained in the Steeltown Park. He was a school teacher, also played rugby and was known as a devoted sports fan until he passed away suddenly at the age of 43 with a heart ailment.

Sentiment was expressed last year that a more informal event to honour MacDonald’s memory and salute Chennell would be appropriate.

Chennell was cited in recent years with an award bearing his Big Dog nickname that was presented to the most sportsmanlike tough guy.

Kevin Tulloch, centre front, Bill MacEachern, No. 190, and Jim Lays, No. 195, were among about 100 runners at the starting line for the first Big Dog Run at Steeltown Park in Trenton. (Submitted photo)


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Steve Goodwin
Steve Goodwin was born in Amherst, N.S. and has been a journalist for more than 40 years. He has been a resident of Pictou County for nearly 40 years.