Free groceries at Superstore


NEW GLASGOW – It’s rare for shoppers to be offered free groceries.

It happened on Tuesday at the New Glasgow Market the local Superstore grocery outlet.

Michaela Dean and Tyson DeYoung were among customers who were able to benefit from the parent company Loblaws’ promotion program called Market Moments.

They were as surprised as anyone about the event. While some shoppers in line had only a few items when the time came, Dean and DeYoung had a big cart full of groceries.

Music and confetti cued staff to cordon off the section between the aisles and the cash registers and treat those shoppers within that space with groceries at no charge.

Store manager Tony Weatherby explained how the program works.

“It’s about giving back to the community,” he said. “We have this campaign twice a year. It’s the fourth time in two years we’ve been able to thank customers.”

The program is offered randomly to 150 Superstore outlets across Canada and its 19 stores in Atlantic Canada.

An Atlantic Superstores spokesman confirmed 40 people were provided some $3,000 worth of free retail items during Tuesday’s event.

Loblaws’ web site indicates that Market Moments has been featured from October 20 to November 16.

From left: Michaela Dean and Tyson DeYoung were able to smile at the free groceries they took home on Tuesday from the New Glasgow Superstore’s Market Moments program. (Goodwin photo)

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