Immigration spending is out of control


To the Editor:

I am shocked and disappointed with our government’s plan to take in 340,000 immigrants next year and for a total of up to 1,000,000 new immigrants within four years.

Does the Liberal Government know what they are doing? Do they know what is happening in the world? We just don’t have the jobs here or anywhere in the world any more. With robots, driverless cars, trucks, taxis as well — automation is here to stay folks, manufacturing plants are being automated with online robots.

Britain’s prime minister is on record and has advised United Nations that the whole of West Africa is on the move alone looking for jobs that don’t exist. She wants to see the world make settlements in Africa and set up funding from the free world and try to find jobs and economic development.

Africa is one of the richest undeveloped continents in the world! She said the free world must make a stand for Africa and do everything for them but the world cannot take her people in massive numbers.

Just imagine if young African Canadians would take up the challenge of helping Africa! Those who are descendants whose great, great, great-grandparents came to North America as slaves and through education, trades help, university self help could help Africa get on their feet again! I can see leaders like (former) president Obama take a leading role here as well. Canadian Government assistance would really help as well.

To go even farther, I would like to see our Immigration minister replaced as it is obvious he and the entire Immigration Department need a strong leader and is now a joke to see what is happening with our immigration.

What has happened to our borders? Ship captains, bus and taxi operators taking people here and just dropping them off under full view and not being prosecuted and put in jail? Our judges need to be replaced or need to have two sensible citizens as well on the bench with them with the best two out of three decisions.

They tell us we will need the new immigrants to pay for us. Let’s look at Norway as an example. They took control of their natural resources where we gave ours away. The two parties responsible were the ruling Liberals and Conservatives since 1867. Norway said their oil belonged to the people of Norway and would not accept low oil prices. Companies came crawling back and paid the proper price. Norway now has a fund for its 8,000,000 citizens and the fund has over $1 trillion in it for their citizens pensions etc. and the fund carries on! Just think one thousand billion dollars already and still growing!

Canadians are close but not quite there in having a trillion dollar debt for Canadians but going in that direction with the speed of lightning. Spending like a drunken sailor. Immigration spending certainly appears to be out of control. Are these departments under the control by new Canadians trying to get their extended families into Canada at the expense of the Canadian taxpayers? Even today I saw where they wanted to change the old law to allow people in who could be an even more health expense than is presently allowed.

I am sorry the Conservative party said little or nothing about the new immigration numbers, maybe the problem will just never be addressed and our own poverty rates of First Nation, African Canadians and yes even the new Arab citizens are shocking to say the least. Should we not be helping our own poor people first? In closing, we should hang our heads in shame!

Lloyd P. MacKay
New Glasgow

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