Mill leadership, gov’t are failing society


To the Editor:

For a society to live in peace there needs to be a certain level of trust in each other. That trust element has many components though. There is a spectrum on one end being fair minded and acting with honesty, integrity for the betterment of all and the other end we trust that the other will be a two-faced lying sack of garbage. Then there is the many points in between those polar opposites.

Of late we have been dealing with the issue of the pulp mill. The issue is often put to us about the need for jobs. Honestly, very few of us would want to see any job leave. However, at the very root of the issue is not really about jobs. It is about integrity, trust and honesty. These are three elements that have long passed away in regards to the pulp mill issue.

The best solution can be found, the crux of the matter is that a best solution is not wanted. So we have to ask ourselves, at what cost do you sell out your integrity for the sake of doing the best job possible? We know there is a better solution than pumping effluent into the ocean. The fact of the matter is that no government has been willing to push for the best solution and the owners of the pulp mill are not going to spend money they do not have to. Above all, the people feel they are being forced to take whatever is given no matter if the solution works or not. This is the result of terrible leadership, terrible communication and terrible ethical practices — all for the sake of money.

Everyone wants good paying jobs, everyone wants to have a strong economy, clean environment, excellent health, excellent education and a peaceful society. All of these are possible if you have the trust to work through the solutions to provide the best solutions. Currently we are putting in place average at best solutions. It is like the old cliché, you can have two of these three, something done quick, done cheap, and done excellent. At the moment it seems we keep settling for quick and cheap. Then we often find out cheap was also not possible and all we end up with is the most expensive band-aid ever.

Everyone knows what it is like when you have to talk to someone you do not trust. It is a often met with disdain and dread akin to shots across the bow than anything productive. In all truthfulness this is exactly where we sit with the owners of the pulp mill and government.

Sadly, it is the employees of the pulp mill who bear the brunt of the mistrust. These people are our neighbours who are doing their best to provide for their families. The situation has seen people threatened with loss of life, loss of pensions, loss of jobs and personal injury. Again, more proof the leadership of the pulp mill owners and the government have failed the general population greatly.

So here we are with a complete mismanagement of society and it looks to be getting worse.

David Porter


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