Think twice about littering from vehicle


To the Editor:

If my memory serves me correctly it was in the news, in the paper and on TV and the saying was Go Green Get Green and everyone was on the band wagon at that time. Well, I guess something must have fell by the wayside for that is where you see all the garbage now — everything from blue bags to Big Mac cups and DQ wrappers and Tim cups at the exit and entrance to the 104 as well as our street and in parking lots.

So just what is the answer to this?

I would say put a deposit on take out cups and wrappers and that may stop some of it for along our highways from New Glasgow to Dartmouth this past week there was enough garbage to fill two garbage trucks.

Now I ask you, is that the saying Go Green Get Green wanted it to be? If it is they sure better think again for we have the most beautiful province in Canada so why do people not want to keep it that way? For it only takes a small garbage bag in one’s car or truck to put one’s garbage in and put it in a garbage can outside one of the stores, a very easy thing to do. We do it and so do some of our friends and we feel good about doing it.

So please think twice before throwing anything out your car or truck window. Please keep our streets and highways clean, thank you, and think green and stay green, for it keeps our province beautiful.

Loyd Murray

New Glasgow

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