Indigenous community forgotten in pipe line proposal


To the Editor:

Re: Proposed pulp mill pipe into the Strait

As history does teach us, from the recent USA General Election to the more recent protests in the streets of Iran, there are chapters in which the forgotten people who have been subjected to persistent oppression and wrongs rise up and “will not take it any more”.

The town and county of Pictou fall into that category, subject to 50-plus years of unrelieved pollution of once pristine air, water, soil and lungs (both animal and human).

The most forgotten people of all in this latest proposed industrial assault are our Indigenous community who, no amount of settlement damages ever will restore what has been done to them and taken from them. If this perverse course of action continues to its announced end, there will be but two places in this county where clean air and water will be available… the Wellness Center and the hospital.

Rev. Gael I. Matheson


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