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NEW GLASGOW — Walkers once again rallied to raise more than $40,000 for Pictou County Roots for Youth.

Organizer Stacey Dlamini said she was pleased with the turnout and the proceeds from the walk.

The most recent figures indicate 244 walkers took part in the event, while the walk raised $42,826 — more than the nearly $41,000 raised last year.

“We did very well,” she said. “I’m very encouraged.”

Dlamini rallied the walkers before the actual event started, while describing how the Pictou County Roots for Youth Society has strived to provide better outcomes and opportunities for young people who have become their clients.

The society was formed to ensure youth who were not living at home had a place to stay and learn positive options for their future.

“We’re not about quick fixes — we’re about sustainable solutions,” she said.

As in past years, the event started and ended at Christian Fellowship Church, with participants walking various distance options.

Church members were among those who assembled teams to raise funds and negotiate the walk.

“Our congregation cares about community,” said Jane Cameron, who was among 26 members of the team representing Trinity United Church in New Glasgow that combined to raise nearly $4,500 this year. “It was a very rewarding experience. There was great camaraderie, and it was a great outreach project for the church.”

The Salt Springs-Scotsburn-Lyons Brook Pastoral Charge assembled a team that raised $3,150 for the cause. That’s up from nearly $1,900 raised by18 participants in 2016 for the walk.

“I enjoyed it very much,” said Mike Hollis, a member of the Salt Springs United Church. “It’s a good cause.”

Members of Bethel Presbyterian Church in Scotsburn also took part and combined to raise about $400.

“It was amazing,” Chesley Joudrie said. “It’s a great event for a good cause.”

Sam Thompson was among students from Northumberland Regional High School who completed the walk. He was taking part for the first time.

“It was a good walk,” he said.

Students hosted various fundraisers, including a grilled cheese sandwich event that helped them raise $700.

Like a year ago, it was a rather mild evening for the event.

From left: Rachel Morrison, Renee MacKay and Abygail Morrisey were ready to cheer on walkers during the Coldest Night Walk.

INSET: Lee Fahey and Delta Vanbuskirk lead a group of walkers.(Goodwin photos)

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