Annual Skills Night keeps growing


To the Editor:

Plans for the Sutherland Harris Memorial Hospital annual skills night are well underway. We are excited to say this is our 10th year.

“Like many professions, the knowledge and techniques used in nursing are constantly evolving. In order to provide the best possible care to patients, it is important for nurses to keep current through continuing to learn and improve their skills. The first annual skills night to be held at the Sutherland Harris – Pictou – aims to provide nurses with the opportunity to do just that.” That is an excerpt from a press release that first year and I am so pleased to say we have done that for the past nine years.

Each year, there are new topics or skills presented, although some skill topics are ever-changing so they may be featured again. The topics for this event are generated by staff at SHMH with some input from local LTC and VON.

This year will feature presentations from NSHA and NSNU as well as others in the health care industry, i.e. wound care specialists, physiotherapy, pharmacy, nurse practitioners and researchers, to name a few. As an incentive for nurses to further develop their proficiency, as part of the current contract with the NSNU, nurses who participate in educational workshops and courses earn points. If the criteria of achieving 70 points in one year are met, nurses can collect a monetary education premium. Nurses can also receive a premium for leadership skills. This event qualifies for points under this program.

Each year we have grown in the number of participants. We have had nurses from all over NS, from the South Shore to Cumberland to Cape Breton, even New Brunswick attend. All sectors as well, acute care, LTC, community and students.

Due to the increasing number of participants we have had to move our venue. We really don’t want to do this, but we want to be able to accommodate everyone who wants to participate and make this an excellent learning opportunity. We are moving to the Royal Canadian Legion, Veterans Drive, in Pictou, NS, on Wednesday, April 4, 2018. The doors open at 5 p.m. with presentations starting at 5:30 and running until 8:30 p.m.

All are welcome. Refreshments and light snacks provided. Come and enjoy our 10th annual skills night with us.

Maria Langille

River John