Solution needed at Trenton Connector/ Abercrombie Road intersection


To the Editor:

Re: Abercrombie Road and Trenton Connector Intersection:

The time is now to lobby the government to install an overpass at this very dangerous intersection of Abercrombie and the Trenton connector highway!

Since day one when this highway was being designed, local Abercrombie residents wanted an overpass — including my good friend the late John Rivers and family — to no avail! The Conservative Government was in power and they could not see their way clear to spend the extra money which was much lower at that time.

If you are like me, I am so ever careful at this intersection; even if I have the green light I look both ways! One day I was following a cement truck which could not get stopped in time and I thought it was lights out for the driver and passengers of a light car, but by luck, the truck just tore the back bumper completely off the car and no one was hurt.

Certainly it’s not too late to install an overpass at this intersection and our three conservative MLAs could lobby the Liberal Government for this overpass. The intersection is in Karla MacFarlane’s district. We are losing too many of our friends at this intersection.

If you can see your way clear contact your MLA for action before you find you or yours involved in a tragic accident at this intersection… It is one of the most dangerous ones that I know of on the mainland in Nova Scotia.


Lloyd P. MacKay

New Glasgow