Time for sidewalk to Wellness Centre


To the Editor:

Well, that old saying is still in place: build it and they will come.

The saying is very true for over the past several weeks there has been a writeup in one of our local papers that Pictou County Council is looking at putting in or having side walks put in on the street and road ways leading to the Wellness Centre.

When the centre was built there was very poor planning as to how the people were to get there, for there is no public transportation or sidewalk leading to the centre. Not everyone has a car and there are many seniors that walk or take a taxi for their shopping or for doing their business.

The businessmen in the area have been asking for sidewalks not just for their business but for the safety of the people that walk to and from their place of business as well as to the Wellness Centre. So one would say it is time for County Council to get the ball rolling and get the work done for the sidewalks are long overdue and for the safety of the people that do walk, for people do not only walk to the centre but to other business as well, they walk around that loop for their exercise.

So if we want the Wellness Centre to be a paying business there has to be a way to get the people there. For a lot of the people that used to go to the YMCA and John Brother MacDonald rink do not go to the Wellness Centre because they used to walk there; but with no sidewalk or bus service and it not being safe to walk on the road ways, they just do not go.

So let’s get with it and get the sidewalk put in place so everyone will be safe.

Loyd Murray

New Glasgow