Kudos to ‘Guardian Angel’


To the Editor:

I want to publicly express my thanks and admiration for the efforts of a young man from Pictou County for his key role in saving the life of a teenager two weeks ago.

Mr. Brian Ward was, as far as I know, the only one who connected the dots. Because of his involvement in a small towing business, he became aware of a red Mazda off the road, down over an embankment in Salt Springs, not visible to passersby. Then, he heard via local media of a young man gone missing since the night before who was driving a red Mazda. He immediately connected the dots, and even more important, without a second thought, he sprung into action.

Sometimes miracles happen right under our nose. Being a strong believer in a far greater power than ourselves, I’m sure that somebody’s prayers for that young man were being answered. He chose Brian Ward to be his angel that night, and thank God, Brian answered the call.

Let’s all hope and pray that if it is one of our loved ones, in need in the future, that someone will connect the dots and then spring into action. We all need a ‘Guardian Angel’.

Robert Parker

Central West River