County residents becoming an endangered species


To the Editor:

To the Federal Government of Canada and the Provincial Government of Nova Scotia:

Laws are being put in place to protect the right whale and other endangered species.

What about the people of the Town of Pictou and Pictou County, and the indigenous people of Pictou Landing? We are becoming an endangered species from the poison spewed into the air and water from the Northern Pulp pulp mill whose history is plagued with spills, failed emission tests and the nightmare of Boat Harbour.

Cancers are rampart in this area. The tourism and fisheries industries will be wiped out if Northern Pulp is allowed to pump toxic effluent into the Northumberland Strait, directly on to an area where the lobster fishermen set their traps and children play on the beaches.

Our government seems more interested in preserving their pensions than protecting our grandchildren. They will not even do a class 2 environmental assessment and take an honest look at the environmental disaster about to be unleashed in the Northumberland Strait.

Captain Wayne T. Noel

Tall Tales 1