Marijuana grow-ops will use money to help patients


To the Editor:

Just an update on how things are progressing with our medical marijuana co-op grow ops. All the grow ops are now completed and are in the process of germinating the seeds we purchased. This is a one-time purchase, each seed will become the ancestor to thousands of plants for years to come. Once a seed is germinated and a plant grows to a certain point, we will cut slips from each, this is called cloning. We will thus have free marijuana plants forever. Having our own soil, fertilizer and marijuana plants for free, same as the government grow ops, after one year operation we will supply marijuana prescription card holders their medicine, for a small donation towards the power bill.

There are approximately 20,000 marijuana patients in the Atlantic Provinces many of whom, having been too sick or broke due to their illness, have had to watch everything they own deteriorate. We have a huge sum of money left in our coffers and every cent will be used to replace roofs, windows, install heat pumps, repair vehicles, however far the money goes. We imagine the government already has a plan to spend its extra millions on the marijuana patients who are supplying the millions.

We will be in touch again this time next year with a year end report.

Have a pain free day!

Sterling MacDonald

RR 1, Trenton