Community pitches in when funding falls short


To the Editor:

The Peoples’ Place is the beating heart of our community. There isn’t a time of day that the building isn’t fully in use. You’ll find people reading, studying and tutoring. Children and babies are exploring and learning. Artists are creating and sharing skills. Community groups are meeting and organizing to make positive change. Computers are as in high demand as the latest New York Times best sellers! These services and more are what makes our library a vibrant and essential part of our lives. But, stagnant funding has, for over 10 years now, stressed the library’s finances and threatened the continuation of vital services.

Thankfully we live in a generous community. With the support of community donors, Friends of the Antigonish Library has successfully filled in the gap. We have funded special collections like the 150 Indigenous Authors Collection, the LGBTQ Youth Collection and the 100 Books to Celebrate Diversity Collection. We’ve provided much-needed additional funding to March Break and Summer Programming for children and youth. We were instrumental in establishing the MakerSpace by funding the Silhouette machine and other technologies. The library is now home to two light therapy lamps to support those suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder. These projects and more are only possible thanks to donations from the community.

Once again we are embarking on our annual fundraising campaign with the goal of raising $10,000. Thank you for your support.

Sarah Armstrong

Chair, Friends of the Antigonish Library