Blinkhorn putting Pictou County first with new technology

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Sherry Blinkhorn is blazing a trail once again, this time with new technology that she says is a first in Pictou County.

Virtual Reality Tours is a new tool she has acquired for her company, Blinkhorn Real Estate Ltd.

“We’re always trying to stay on the cutting edge of changes in technology,” Blinkhorn said.

“We’re not a one-shoe-fit-all kind of company where we just stick the sign on the lawn and hope it sells. We have different options for different packages for different sellers. So this new technology wouldn’t be for every single client, and it’s not meant to replace an actual showing either … it’s a good representation but it’s not meant to replace a Realtor.”

The 3D Virtual Reality Tours — nothing like virtual tours, she explains — shows exact floor plans and gives what she explains is a ‘doll house view.’

“We are a leader and we’re always looking for ways to best represent our clients.”

A sign of the times in just about every business these days is a move away from personal, face-to-face contact. Many companies — like real estate agencies and insurance companies — have the ability to have clients sign documents electronically. Blinkhorn says, “Personally, I don’t like it very much because I like people and I’d rather sit with people and go through documents and such. I like the old-fashioned way of meeting with people, but I’m progressing with the time.”

And progressing she is. The acquisition of this new technology makes Blinkhorn’s first in launching it locally. She is proud of this accomplishment, especially in light of the fact that Blinkhorn’s is an independently owned company.

She sees Virtual Reality Tours as being a huge benefit to buyers as well as sellers. The ability to see a home’s actual floor plan will be beneficial to both, she says, because it will be a better representation of the property than the standard photos. And today, when many homes are bought almost sight-unseen — for example, by someone who may be working out West and looking to come home — this technology will allow them to tour the house virtually and see if the floor plan will fit their needs. “It will help people visualize whether their furniture will fit in there or whether it will work for their family.”

Public response to the technology has been overwhelming, Blinkhorn praises. “We’ve had other businesses call us and ask us if we will use it for their reasons. So we can help another local business.”

“We really are doing our best by staying up with the times and we also can sign documents on our equipment and then email the client right on the spot. We are moving towards being paperless and more green-friendly,” Blinkhorn smiled.

Sherry Blinkhorn stands beside a TV screen that displays the Virtual Reality Tours technology. (Jardine photo)