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Police warn of scams


Stellarton and Westville Police are warning of two scams this week in the community.

On May 3, a young man was soliciting funds by canvassing door to door in Stellarton claiming to be a representative of Big Brothers Big Sisters. Police are warning the public that very few non-profits canvass door to door and when they do it is well advertised, they first register with the town and the canvassers are well known in the neighborhood.

Police say residents should be aware; if the canvasser is legitimate they will be carrying the proper credentials and will be willing to come back if you ask to check them out further.

Also this week, police say a caller claiming to be from Revenue Canada was making calls in Westville. They threaten to take legal action unless payment is sent right away.

This is an old scam, police caution. Agencies do not conduct this business on the phone and do not make threats.

If this happens to you, police say to hang up on the caller. If such an agency needs to make contact with you they will do it through registered mail. They will already have your personal information and will not ask you for it again. You should never give your person;a information or account information over the phone. If you are doing business with them, they will already have all the information they need.

Police further warn local residents to not conduct business with people or agencies that simply call or knock on your door. You can call the agency back from proper information listed in directories or you that you have from previous dealings. Your local police department can be contacted and Nova Scotia has the 211 service available that can assist in getting the proper information to contact agencies. Also, they warn, do not correspond with any information they provide you.