Pilot citizenship education course should be available to Grade 11s


To the Editor:

I was very pleased to see that there is a pilot Citizenship Education 9 course being offered at 17 schools throughout Nova Scotia.

I am pleased the government is making these adjustments after I introduced a bill in the legislature during the spring session to add a mandatory course on life skills. This is a good first step; however, I am disappointed that this course will only be offered to Grade 9 students. Numerous conversations with teachers and guidance counsellors suggested that this would be more beneficial to high school students.

I had recommended that it be mandatory for Grade 11 students, as these skills would be more relevant as they approach working, driving and voting age. We have had far too many students finishing high school without even the basic understanding of how to make a resume, go to an interview, responsibility of owning a credit card, post-secondary school debt or even completing their income taxes. A course as important as this should be a mandatory component to graduate high school.

The current roll-out is exciting for our education system, but these small adjustments would make sure that it is most beneficial to our young students.

Hon. Pat Dunn

MLA for Pictou Centre