Writing is on the wall for post offices


To the Editor:

The post office today has become redundant. With email, PDFs, direct deposit, and private courier service they are no longer relevant.

Even the flyer people have long ago abandoned them.

Their union, once so powerful and able and willing to shut down the country, is now a pathetic shadow of its glory days. They are fighting a losing, uphill battle against technology like blacksmiths did when the auto arrived. A postal strike today would not be noticed. You wouldn’t get those lawn tractor brochures. What a tragedy!

Realistically you could weigh your own parcel and buy stamps in a machine and attach them or better just call a courier to come to your door and pick it up.

And the PO segregates customers. The city people get door to door delivery, the town people get a nice post office building with locked boxes and a spot to visit and chit chat and the RR folks are told to put a coffee can on a stick by the roadside for theirs. That’s cutting edge — it’s still 1942 out here.

I do appreciate the post office is a nice social center in a small town and the employees there are very pleasant but the writing is on the wall.

Ron MacCarthy

Caribou Island, NS