Will mill’s plans pass the ‘taste’ test?


To the Editor:

It’s interesting that when a sea mammal becomes ensnared in fishing gear, or even if a whale is sighted in an area of fishing activities, authorities are quick to impose a moratorium, or a requirement that all gear be removed immediately until further notice!

Is it because the damage caused to sea life by nets and rope is visible, and the results are dramatic and newsworthy? So when Montreal flushes sewage into the St. Lawrence River that ends up here in the Gulf, is no investigation conducted, or legislation enacted? Not likely, as is the old saying — “out of sight, out of mind!”

That’s exactly what the folks at Abercrombie Point are counting on! No matter how damaging pulp waste is to the sea life here in Northumberland waters, they will have fled with the profits long before any investigation could ever be completed. Back when air quality was the issue, the old mill was getting off “Scott Free” — so much so, that divers using surface air pumps could tell when the wind changed to the east! Even under water there was just no getting away from it.

Scott couldn’t pass the ‘smell test’ back then! In 2018, why would anyone believe that Northern Pulp’s plans will pass the taste test?

Thomas Rogers

Cape John