Not a fan of Lohr


To the Editor:

I read John Lohr’s piece in the Pictou Advocate this week and also a piece online CBC did on him. I guess he has figured out that Tim Houston has the Pictou County leadership vote locked up so he’s not worrying about making friends here.

John is in last place in the PC leadership race but he’s not a quitter — he’s fighting hard to stay there! He’s not really a PC but more a federal Conservative, aka, Reformer. He should be in Alberta among like-minded red necks. Calling Mr. Lohr progressive is well, mind numbing. Bob Stanfield must be rolling over in his grave. If he is such a hard right conservative he should be ranting about supply side economics and the subsidies that keep our farmers doing very well. Let him sell that conservative, anti-support policy to his Valley farm buddies. He will be gone faster and farther than Maxime Bernier. Where is Max?

He says there were paid protesters there at the big Pictou rally — ummm, don’t know, don’t care, but I am pretty sure Kathy Cloutier, the mill spokesperson, is not a volunteer.

People that have met him and know him say he’s smart guy and a real gentleman but in the media and in his platform positions he comes across, well, otherwise. You have to admire him for saying what he thinks. But you have to wonder, What is he thinking?

He won his own seat in the Valley with 32 per cent in 2013 and 45.9 per cent last time. His last big 45.9 per cent “majority” was attained with a 52 per cent voter turnout. If my math is correct that means 24 per cent of eligible voters voted for him, 76 per cent didn’t!

With all that support I guess he figures he is on a big roll and should run the whole province.

I think I’m having a deja vu, Kellie Leitch flashback — scary!

Ron MacCarthy

Caribou Island