Retention of young people will continue to grow our economy


To the Editor:

There are approximately 6,000 unfilled jobs currently in Nova Scotia.

Filling those jobs will create more jobs. It’s kind of like chicken and egg, without the chicken.

The way to grow our economy is with more people. We need more people, more specifically, we need more young people.

We must send a message to young people that we want them here in Nova Scotia. We want them to stay here. We want them to move here. We want them to build their lives here.

In order for that to happen, we need to clearly demonstrate that there is a path to prosperity in this province.

This is the idea behind my pledge to eliminate the provincial income tax for Nova Scotians under the age of 26: No provincial income tax on the first $50,000 earned annually for those under 26.

It’s bold. It´s aggressive. And it sends a definitive message to young Nova Scotians that they are important, they are needed, and they have been heard.

It’s a plan that I believe will help more young people stay here and come here. It´s a plan that can convince our young people to train for the jobs we have today and the jobs we will have tomorrow.

Don’t kid yourself, there is a lot of entrepreneurial spirit in young people, and that spirit is needed to help power our economy forward.

Let’s get our young people working as job creators. Give them a reason to stay, give them a reason to open a business, give them a reason to take the job that can keep them in their home community.

Leave a little more money in their pockets and watch what they can do.

Tim Houston

MLA for Pictou East