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LYONS BROOK — While Mungil Song, owner and one of the chefs at Pictou Lunch Box, may still be learning English, her community spirit is strong.

In the fall of 2018 she contacted The Organ Restoration Committee at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian in New Glasgow about supporting its hefty $25,000 Organ Restoration goal and Betty Murphy, a choir member and church spokesperson, was eager to accept.

Just over halfway to their goal after spending the last two years fundraising, organizers hope that this will not only help their cause but encourage the community to try Korean cuisine and support this local business. With craft sales, including making gift bags out of used Christmas cards, and the help of Clan Thompson Pipe Band as well as other musical talents, having the Pictou Lunch Box help out is yet another way the community is brought closer together.

The 1948 organ, which has been tuned regularly, is in need of a full cleaning and with estimates being so high, St. Andrew’s is proud of the support from the community to reach it.

With her brother in law, Jeff Chung, already attending St. Andrew’s, which is led by a Korean minister, it made sense for Mungil to attend, too. When Mungil Song moved to the county her family ties were small, but were made bigger with the church family. It is evident she found a home where she plans to stay by the size and effect of her smile when asked about her time here.

Song is eager to sell out the first 100 tickets and make room for more. For just $15, tickets holders can dine in or take-out an authentic Korean meal such as Bibimbap, Japchae and their new Teriyaki Chicken for those who do not love spicy foods. The meal comes complete with a cookie for dessert and a beverage with 50 per cent of the proceeds going directly to the St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Organ Restoration Fund.

Murphy says, “Mungil actually offered to donate more than the 50 per cent of ticket sales we decided on. The Committee, in return, was more than willing to assist her business by encouraging more people to sample the delicious Korean entrees on the Pictou Lunch Box menu. I know from experience the food is delicious.”

To purchase a ticket to enjoy either lunch or dinner on Jan. 16 or 17, call the Pictou Lunch Box at 902-382-2477 or Betty Murphy at 902-759-8564.

From the left, Betty Murphy, Mungil Song, Jeff Chung and Yanja Song are making preparations for Pictou Lunch Box’s Korean cuisine fundraiser in support of The Organ Restoration Committee at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian in New Glasgow. (Butland photo)