Robert Bruce Davey


Robert Bruce Davey 1972-2019


This world has lost its very own super hero. A man of extraordinary strength and courage. He was brave, fierce and strong but gentle and kind in the most genuine way. Robert Bruce Davey laid down his shield to his fiercest competitor on May 4, 2019 with his two girls by his side. Cancer is a beast and takes the best part of the person during its war, but Robbie never complained, never staggered but continued to fight hard and diligently right until his very last breath. A man of incomprehensible courage and strength. Every person that he met during the times of war, including the medical community were amazed with his tenacity and pure strength over his intense 11.5 year battle with his worst nemesis. In the end, cancer took the very best part of our lives from us – our own hero, our beloved, Robbie. Our hearts are wounded beyond description. Robbie was born March 24, 1972 in Chatham, New Brunswick, as an army kid to the late C. Bruce Davey, who Robbie lost when he was 12 and his Dad was 43. His mother is the late Diane (MacCallum) Davey-Chaisson. Diane was originally from Pictou Island and his family still holds Pictou Island close to their hearts. Both of his parents also fought this archenemy of cancer and lost. Robbie carried their torch into battle for both of them. Diane remarried in 1990 to Stan Chaisson, of Central Caribou. Stan and Robbie formed a very special relationship that showed us that real family is not all blood related. Robbie was the glue for 3 siblings. The person that brought each of them together. He was the brother they all looked up to. Never a bad word to any of them – his kind heart loved each of them for who they were to him. Mourning are Karren Worden (Barry), Craig (Lynne), and Jamie (Kim). Stan’s children became siblings by choice. Mourning are Stan Chaisson Jr, Jacqueline Chaisson, and Tanya MacDonald (Frank). Robbie became part of the Roberts family (River John) when he met Michelle. Michelle’s siblings considered Robbie to be their brother; her Mom loved Robbie like her own son. Mourning are his mother-in-law, Doris Sutherland (Brian MacKinnon), his sisters-in-law, Myrna-Lori Collins (Aaron) and Virginia Cooley (Dennis) and father-in-law, Henry (Muriel) Roberts. He was the playful uncle to 14 nieces and nephews. Children gravitated to him and he made time for each of them. Robbie was predeceased by his 12 year old nephew, Connor MacDonald; and his 6 month old niece, Alaynna Collins. The only time we saw Robbie stagger was when this world lost a child, including a special family friend, – Jeana English when she was 13. Robbie’s best friend was a cousin, a friend and a brother by love, Alan Moore mourns the loss of his friend. These two boys grew up together to become incredible men. An extended family of aunts, uncles, cousins and close friends supported Robbie and mourns this loss with broken hearts. Just as children enjoyed Robbie’s presence, so did our pets and animals. Missing him is his English Springer Spaniel, Max – who never understood why he couldn’t be Robbie’s lapdog. This man was the adoring Dad to his pride and joy, – Nina. He encouraged her to always do her best, to be kind, thoughtful and brave. All qualities he showed her every day and now she shares with the world. Nina and her Dad had an exceptional relationship that will endure all time. He fought the hardest battles for her and she gave him the courage he needed when things got hard. Nina embodies Robbie’s best qualities that will give her the ability to survive a world that is not always kind. Be reminded of Robbie when you witness Nina’s smile, laughter and grace. Robbie’s love was the fiercest of all. He married his high school sweetheart in 1995 and together they were an indestructible team. Michelle (Roberts) met Robbie at West Pictou High School when they were both 15 years old. They began dating in their senior year and are proof that love can blossom at any age and endure all times. Michelle is deeply mourning the loss of a husband and best friend. She handed him the weapons to fight every battle and rallied from the side as his biggest cheer leader. The best part of her left this world when he took his last breath with her arms wrapped around him. A very wide circle of friends and community are mourning the loss of a real super hero amongst us all. Visitation will be Wednesday, May 8th, 2-4 and 6-8 p.m. in the McLaren Funeral Home, Pictou. Celebration of Life will be held Thursday, May 9th, at 4 p.m. from Pictou United Church, with Rev. Mary-Beth Moriarity officiating. Family flowers only. In lieu of food and flowers, Robbie has asked that his family, friends and neighbours continue to support Nina with her endeavours with ‘Jeana’s Girls’ and raising awareness and funds for the Canadian Cancer Society and the Children’s Wish Foundation.

Do not settle for a star when you deserve the galaxy. Do not settle for a wave when you deserve the sea. Don’t just climb mountains – move them.