Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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Bylaws needed for taxi services

To the Editor: Having read in this week’s news that Trenton council is looking into and reviewing the bylaws for taxis and to create a...

Company values production over people

To the Editor: As a resident of Pictou County I feel compelled to write regarding Northern Pulp’s inability or unwillingness to undertake the necessary upgrading...

Timely lessons to remember

To the editor: Remembrance Day is upon us. At this time we are to show our respect for those that gave everything. To live in...

Peace awards highlight YMCA

It was a rare opportunity for the YMCA to celebrate 50 years in Pictou County, present YMCA Peace Awards and host a renowned sports...

Advocates are working toward change

To the Editor: There is an organization called One Health that is an integrative effort of multiple disciplines working locally, nationally and globally to attain...

Youth are at risk

To the Editor: It has become clear that our youth are completely unaware of the laws surrounding child pornography in Canada. Time after time, news...

Ego clash shows leaders’ immaturity

To the Editor: The world seems to be on a slide towards chaos. With recent leaders of various countries spewing rhetoric and threats, where is...

Premier fighting with several groups

To the Editor: If anyone voted for Stephen McNeil because they are Liberals and thought he was one too, they were very mistaken! He is no...

Deer in town bring ticks

To the Editor: The number of deer in urban areas is growing to the extent that more deer are seen in town than in rural...

Park Falls can be a dangerous place

To the Editor: Park Falls is a very dangerous place. As youngsters, we would walk to Park Falls to swim or drive a bicycle. I also...
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