Friday, February 16, 2018
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Hope to clarify municipal property tax letter

To the Editor: My letter of January 24 on municipal property taxation has apparently caused some confusion by readers because of its detail. I apologize...

Ticks can be a threat year-round

o the Editor: While people are busy counting the days until spring, it is important to remember ticks still pose a potential threat in the...

Strengthening the system to better serve kids

To the Editor: Everything we do, every action, every decision we make is for the benefit of our kids. We have accepted recommendations made by Dr....

NDP support ban on fracking

To the Editor: Stephen McNeil has muddied the waters again on the question of fracking. During a speech to the Chamber of Commerce, Mr. McNeil...

Solution to mill’s effluent treatment does not need to divide community

To the Editor: As a former resident of Westville who has now lived “away” for many years, including Ireland and touring throughout Europe, it’s always...

January marks 30th anniversary of Crime Stoppers in Nova Scotia

To the Editor: On behalf of Nova Scotia Crime Stoppers, I would like to remind everyone that January is Crime Stoppers Month and this marks...

McNeil government is a dictatorship

To the Editor: With the attack on public school boards, the McNeil government continues to dismantle the democratic rights of Nova Scotians. School boards give...

Mill’s treatment plan is still toxic waste

Minister Iain Rankin, As I’ve written previously, this needs to be more transparent and it should be public knowledge. The second paragraph in your response to...

Elimination of school boards an assault on democracy

To the Editor: In October 2017 the provincial government announced that Dr. Avis Glaze, an education consultant from Ontario, would conduct a review of the...

Province continues to place needs of students last

To the Editor: On the advice of private consultant Avis Glaze, the McNeil government announced it is once again eroding the collective rights of teachers. Instead...
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