Monday, December 18, 2017
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Listen to facts with an open mind

To the Editor: I am writing this letter because I think it is time that my voice as a concerned citizen of this county should...

Keep an open mind

Re: Northern Pulp – Boat Harbour To the Editor: I’ve had the very good fortune to work at Northern Pulp for the last 38 years, starting...

Effluent could wipe out generations

To the Editor: The idea that dumping of effluent into the Northumberland Strait would even be considered in 2017 is unbelievable. The lack of knowledge about...

Health care in crisis

To the Editor: What I have been hearing from so many people is that we have NO health care. There is a health care crisis...

Time to stand united

To the Editor: If we ever had a time to stand as one, the time is now. Northern Pulp is looking at the option of pumping...

Establish meeting spot for healing to begin

To the Editor: It always seems that communities are slow to change and let go of old ways of living, even when the danger of...

Foundations contribute to health care system

To the Editor: If you’ve had a test or procedure in any one of the hospitals or health centres operated by Nova Scotia Health Authority, chances...

Safety concern after glass found at park

To the Editor: I recently took my grandchildren to Broidy Park for fun and fresh air. However, I was very disturbed to find shards of...

Immigration spending is out of control

To the Editor: I am shocked and disappointed with our government’s plan to take in 340,000 immigrants next year and for a total of up...

Pictou Sears was more than just catalogue shopping

(Editor’s note: This letter originally appeared in the November 22 edition of The Advocate, however, it was incorrectly attributed. The Advocate apologizes for the...
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