Alternatives to pulp mill jobs

To the Editor: August 2, 2018: It’s time to speak out about work that has been ongoing most of this year. We that do not wish to see an effluent pipeline spewing partially treated pulp mill process waste water mixed with human washroom sewage, laid across the floor of Pictou Harbour and out into Lobster […]

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Not a fan of Lohr

To the Editor: I read John Lohr’s piece in the Pictou Advocate this week and also a piece online CBC did on him. I guess he has figured out that Tim Houston has the Pictou County leadership vote locked up so he’s not worrying about making friends here. John is in last place in the […]

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Health care challenged

Canadians have benefited from one of the best health care systems in the world. It is different from the American system, where it is said one can get the best care money can buy and fewer of the free, government-funded services Canadians tend to take for granted. Health care, however, is a dominating issue of […]

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