Friday, November 24, 2017
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Vote signals real change

This has been an extraordinary municipal election campaign in Pictou County. Keen interest, with few exceptions, has been shown among candidates for mayor and council...

Spraying of Vision Max not okay with organic farmer

To the Editor: With the issue of Vision Max (containing Glyphosate) spraying at hand I would like to share some information that I have found. It...

Renewing hope with global fund

To the Editor: As Canada wraps up the Global Fund Replenishment Conference on Sunday September 18, we thank Loyce Maturu, a 24 year old HIV...

Longtime visitor saddened by the state of the town

To the Editor: As a long-time visitor to your town, 17 years, sometimes twice a year, from England, I would like to make some comments. I...

Seek change, but show up

If the large number of candidates running in the 2016 municipal election is anything to go by, it's shaping up to be one heck...

After the NO vote

To the Editor: It’s been 100 days, more or less, since Pictou County residents overwhelmingly rejected amalgamation. We were told by the MOU committee and...

Town’s operations, achievements within community are extensive

To the Editor: As the mayor of New Glasgow for the past eight years, I would like to provide some important facts to the community...

Questions about Bluenose II need to be answered before more money is spent

To the Editor: As I write this, Premier McNeil is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to “repair” the “damaged” Bluenose II reputation.  Yes, sometimes...

Make your voice heard on proposed school closures

To the Editor: When is this epidemic of school closures going to stop? I know enrolment is down but it is  not fair to sacrifice...

NSCC campus gets big boost

We need all the good news about good jobs we can get in Pictou County. That’s the human component attached to the $15.2 million in...
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