Friday, February 23, 2018
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Money spent on travel, cut from vulnerable

To the Editor: In response to questions about education funding, Premier McNeil often snaps back with: “What would you cut?  Should I cut health to...

Trump casts giant shadow

Pictou County is not immune to changes in our world order. Donald Trump’s election to the U.S. presidency is an example of that. If policies...

Children would suffer if teachers strike

To the Editor: I work in a school and am surrounded by great teachers and wonderful co-workers. I work with people who put in long...

Receiver, gov’t need to act on Trenton Works

To the Editor: The plant in Trenton, better known as Trenton Works, has been shut down for a good number of months now.  After DSME...

Make no capitulation to Trump

To the Editor: I grew up during the Second World War in England.  A classic phrase used during those years to describe Americans was, Oversexed,...

Need for doctors in Pictou County is real

To the Editor: Pictou County needs more doctors. Do I sound like a broken record yet? Maybe to the governing Liberals I do, however, the...

Spread the Spirit of Christmas

The spirit of Christmas is in the air. Anyone who watched television leading into the holiday season the last 20 years would be more than...

Working towards a better Pictou County

To the Editor: Now that the municipal elections are over and the new councils in Pictou County are being sworn in to begin a four-year...

PA students willing to adapt

To the Editor: Thursday November 10, I substitute taught at Pictou Academy (PA) and as usual, I enjoyed the experience. The students were, as always,...

Premier blocks return to bargaining table

To the Editor: In 2013, the McNeil Liberals campaigned on investing in education. Move ahead three years and Nova Scotia is facing the first teacher's strike...
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