Friday, October 20, 2017
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Thanks for all your work, Clean the Mill group

To the Editor: Thanks “Clean The Mill” – in particular Dave Gunning – for your ongoing efforts to address one of Nova Scotia’s most pressing...

Roadkill, weeds give negative impression

To the Editor: Regarding Loyd Murray’s letter to the editor of August 10: Could not agree more. As a recent "CFA" (my wife is from Truro),...

Loss to Christian community with passing of Archbishop Hayes

To the Editor: Our Christian community has lost a great church leader this past week with the passing of Archbishop James Hayes in Halifax. My own...

Firefighters rate salute

We are free to do many things. We are also protected from many things. Among those who protect us are firefighters. They answer fire alarms at...

Great tourism season in province could have been so much more

To the Editor:Tourism is up in Nova Scotia:  way up in some areas. A low dollar, cheap fuel and wonderful weather have people on...

Uncut grass, weeds along highway begs question about gas taxes

To the Editor:As my wife and I drive  around the town of New Glasgow we see all kinds of flower gardens, both in people's...

Stripped bass rules are ambiguous

To the Editor:Striped bass fishing is on on right now in Pictou County and very popular and the rules are comprehensive and yet very...

A fourth option exists with proposed school closures

To the Editor:After reading a news article of Aug. 5, it was encouraging to see that Pictou town council will be discussing the school...

How to twin Highway 104

Two-lane 100-series highways in Nova Scotia have become hazardous to one’s health. That is why there is a growing clamour to twin more of them,...

Ferry disruption impacting businesses

To the Editor:Tourism plays a large part to the overall economic wellbeing of Pictou County. We are fortunate to have a direct gateway to...
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