Sunday, December 17, 2017
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After the NO vote

To the Editor: It’s been 100 days, more or less, since Pictou County residents overwhelmingly rejected amalgamation. We were told by the MOU committee and...

Town’s operations, achievements within community are extensive

To the Editor: As the mayor of New Glasgow for the past eight years, I would like to provide some important facts to the community...

Questions about Bluenose II need to be answered before more money is spent

To the Editor: As I write this, Premier McNeil is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to “repair” the “damaged” Bluenose II reputation.  Yes, sometimes...

Make your voice heard on proposed school closures

To the Editor: When is this epidemic of school closures going to stop? I know enrolment is down but it is  not fair to sacrifice...

NSCC campus gets big boost

We need all the good news about good jobs we can get in Pictou County. That’s the human component attached to the $15.2 million in...

Federal focus on Atlantic growth

To the Editor: I recently had the pleasure of introducing approximately 4,200 friends and neighbours from our region to a very special guest when the...

Do the Trump tactics really work?

To the Editor: 'The Donald' has a facet of the American public who support his egomaniacal rantings, racial slurs and personal insults. Many members of his...

Spraying cynicism

To the Editor: My buddy said to me, "I can't spray the weeds in my front lawn and these guys are spraying half the county." I...

Ask questions of those running for council

To the Editor: Municipal elections are right around the corner and many people have offered for various positions within each council district.  Some are reoffering...

Shout out to those who stepped up during the Ex

To the Editor: It is not too often that I sit down and write a letter to the editor but I wasn't too sure how...
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