Monday, February 19, 2018
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Voting does matter now

Voting in 2016 municipal elections has already taken place. But it will be done in earnest on October 15. Several thoughts surround the elections. With...

Many opportunities exist for better co-operation

To the Editor: I visited the five communities in the Pictou region this spring when I was invited to deliver my, 13 Ways to Kill...

Liberals need to make doctor recruitment, retention a priority

To the Editor: I wish to thank everyone who attended the public rally that took place at Summer Street Industries to discuss problems with access...

Not a fan of Pulse group

To the Editor: I note in our local newspapers and on CBC radio that a group calling themselves Pulse Pictou County is trying to organize...

Pictou rotary work an improvement

To the Editor: I heard a fellow at Tim's the other day complaining about the tax dollar waste the new rotary interchange was and most...

Province hiring nurses is better late than never

To the Editor: It’s good news that the province has decided to hire 13 more nurse practitioners and nine family practice nurses across the province. ...

Sign colours connected to no vote in May MOU plebiscite

To the Editor: I would like to comment on some people who are using the Amalgamation No Thank You Sign colours. The bright yellow that...

Kudos to Pulse

To the Editor: I would like to thank Pulse Pictou County for taking the time and initiative to organize the Pints and Politics event held ...

Questions for the municipal candidates

To the Editor: Given the recent rejection of the proposed amalgamation of four municipal units in Pictou County to the great expense of its citizenry,...

Decision to not re-offer was a good one

To the Editor: I salute Mayor Barrie MacMillan, Mayor Joe Hawes and councillor James Turple who, following the May 28 no vote did not re-offer...
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