Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Good vibrations in Miles events

For some things, we can’t thank people enough. One of those things is the events associated with the organizers of events that include the Johnny...

Cost of medical records too high

To the Editor: I am outraged that there are residents in Pictou County who, by no fault of their own, are required to pay a...

Amalgamation, round two

Seems like it isn't over yet. The towns of New Glasgow and Pictou both voted on Monday night to not withdraw their MOU application which...

Councillors did their jobs of bringing vote forward

To the Editor: On May 28 the people of Pictou County spoke loud and clear when they voted NO to amalgamation. Notwithstanding the outcome,  councils’ members...

Spend tax dollars in NS, not on ferry in Maine

To the Editor: The more I hear and read about the Yarmouth ferry and the Liberal government, it brings to mind that old saying about...

MOU vote shows people fear change

To the Editor: We were returning from Halifax last night and came upon the Pictou County welcome sign on Mt. Thom. "Forward Together," it said....

Little to show for MOU quest

A mission to amalgamate four municipal units in Pictou County has ended with neither a bang nor a whimper. The overarching sentiment is to consign...

Help Line ends years of service

It was a sad day in the history of Pictou County last week when the Help Line closed its doors. Five years ago, on May...

Church closure unfair

To Bishop Brian Dunne and Father Donald MacGillivary: I hope you folks can go to bed and rest your conscience after closing four churches in...

Gov’t needs to release rider numbers for CAT

To the Editor: The more we learn about this Yarmouth ferry arrangement, the more obvious it is that the McNeil Liberals got out-smarted not only...
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