Thursday, March 30, 2017
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Snow storm views

A short video of a drive around Pictou County after Valentines Day's big snow storm

MacDonald siblings gather for Sea King chopper ride

TRENTON – Three siblings enjoyed a rare opportunity to fly together in a helicopter. Maritime Helicopter Crew Commander Captain Brenden MacDonald, Maritime Helicopter co-pilot Captain...

West Pictou Consolidated concert rehearsal

Check out 2014 West Pictou Consolidated concert rehearsal

If you build it, they will come

About three kilometers into the woods, nearby a babbling stream, a little rest stop sits in the middle of the forest inviting all who...

Vocal Chords are in tune

NEW GLASGOW — Let me call you sweetheart … A quartet of county men will be starting some people’s Valentine’s Day off on a high...

McInnes building demolition

A time-lapse video of the demolition of the MacInnes building and the Need's convenience store, which was the site of the original Sobey's store.