Meet the candidates of Pictou West …

It’s election time in Nova Scotia and The Advocate gave each candidate an opportunity to touch on topics of local interest. Here are the three candidates from Pictou West … Karla MacFarlane| Pictou West Progressive Conservative How will you/your party deal with the lack pf physicians in rural areas of Nova Scotia, like Pictou County? […]

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Addiction should be treated with care, not flippant manner shown by gov’t

To the Editor: When the Conservatives win the election at the end of May 2017, they have promised not to “nickel and dime” our essential services to try and balance the budget. Myself and a veteran detox councillor put on a presentation at the Conservative caucus in Halifax on these program changes. I’ve met Progressive […]

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Make public library an election issue

The Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library Board asks users and supporters of public library services to show their support on the doorstep this election. The Library Board will be giving bright yellow door hangers to the public. They have a simple message, “Dear Candidate: Public libraries are important to me, my family, and my community!” Troy MacCulloch, […]

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