A master boat builder …

Vincent Turple Sr. (1909-1980) was considered the master boat builder of Pictou Island. Besides being a seasonal fisherman and farmer, Dad built two iceboats, which were used for winter island mail delivery and 22 wooden lobster boats for himself and other fishermen on the island. He began his boat building with the iceboats in the […]

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Twin Turple brothers built boats

I have taken much pride in sharing information about the various boats my father had built and raced during his lifetime. My father, however, was not the only Turple to build boats. Boat building was in the Turple blood for many years. I have done research as far back as possible and have discovered that […]

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FONS says Northern Pulp reneges on commitment to hold open houses before filing new plan for environmental assessment

Concerned citizens and fishermen say they are appalled that Northern Pulp does not plan to hold any open houses or public consultation before filing for environmental assessment. Consultants for Northern Pulp have confirmed that key information, including the Receiving Water Study (RWS) for the new pipe route and outfall location and all studies required for […]

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