MacLennan wins Earle 5-K race


TRENTON – Dave MacLennan is still king of the road in Trenton.

The legendary Scotsburn distance runner was overall winner of the five-mile race in a time of 29 minutes, 39 seconds to cap the 2016 Joe Earle Memorial Day races on Victoria Day.

MacLennan was in the head pack from the starting line at Scotia Park and made his move returning downhill on Park Street to pull away from runner-up Peter Corbin.

“I had you in my sites and I said I gotta go,” MacLennan said to Corbin after the race.

Walter Linthorne was third, while Dave Hood and Raymond rounded out the top five.

Breanna Sandluck was the first overall female finisher.

Scott Langille was sixth after taking the initial lead.

MacLennan’s exploits followed his fifth place finish in 2:52:01 on Sunday during the annual Blue Nose Marathon in Halifax.

A total of 427 runners registered for the races in Trenton, while Mayor Glen MacKinnon noted the 90 runners aged four or younger.


“That says volumes for the future of the races in Trenton,” he said.

With only light rain overnight and a cool, overcast morning, few could recall more ideal running conditions for the annual races.

Three of those in the five-mile race came from East Pictou and walked the distance. Karen LeBlanc and Faye Kinney finished in an hour and eight minutes, while Jean Anderson finished in an hour and 12 minutes.

It was Cindy MacKinnon Day in honour of the long-time community and sports volunteer throughout Pictou County.

Next year will be Edwina Palmer Day.


Baxter MacArthur Memorial, Open Men’s Mile
First: Peter Corbin, New Glasgow 4:43 Second: Scott Langille, New Glasgow 4:58 Third: John Helpard, Victoria, B.C. 5:03
Hartling Family Memorial Open Mile Girls 15 and Under
First: Siona Chisholm, Antigonish 5:19 Second: Allie Sandluck, MacPherson’s Mills 5:20 Third: Emma Cameron, Antigonish 5:21
Gloria Clark Memorial Open Mile Women
First: Breanna Sandluck, MacPherson’s Mills 5:19 Second: Kali Caulier, Bedford 6:07 Third: Kim Perrin, New Glasgow 9:01
Carl MacDougall Memorial One Mile Boys 15 and Under
First: Ethan MacDonald, New Glasgow 4:59 Second: Liam Chisholm, New Glasgow 5:32 Third: Logan Bennett, Thorburn 5:39
Jesse Smith Memorial 1/8 Mile boys and girls two and under
First: Maci MacDonald, Little Harbour Second: Hunter Hoagland, Hatchet Lake Third: Jordan Paris, New Glasgow
The Boyles Memorial 1/8 Mile 4 and Under Boys
First: Lucas Artibello, Antigonish  Second: Jaxan MacDonald, Little Harbour Third: Jamie Watters, New Glasgow
 The Elda Earle Memorial 1/8 Mile 4 and Under Girls
First: Bella Landry, Oromocto, N.B. Second: Kayla Hale, Westville Third: Ellie Rex, Westville
Donald Gabby MacDonald Memorial 1/4 Mile Boys 6 and Under
First: Tanner Hayden, New Glasgow 1:20 Second: Grady Cohen, New Glasgow 1:26 Third: Gavin MacDonald, Pictou 1:32
Mackie Jenkins Memorial 1/4 Mile Girls 6 and Under
First: Danika Gillis, Kenzieville 1:53 Second: Lexi MacIntyre, Westville 1:55 Third: Ashtyn MacHattie, Thorburn 1:57
Bobby Gill Memorial 1/2 Mile Boys 7 Years
First: Issac Boudreau, New Glasgow 3:22 Second: Josh Wood, New Glasgow 3:23 Third: Ryan Henderson, Pictou 3:43
The Cromwell Memorial 1/2 Mile Girls 7 Years
First: Chloe Ferguson, Westville 3:44 Second: Katelyn Haynes, Westville 3:54 Third: Leah Haynes, Westville 3:55
Paul MacDonald Memorial 1/2 Mile Boys 8 Years
First: Will Delorey, Monastery 3:17 Second: Brayden Linthorne, Stellarton 3:46 Third: Luke Burns, Stellarton 3:47
William Tanner Memorial 1/2 Mile Girls 8 Years
First: Amelia MacCallum, Fraser’s Mountain 3:18 Second: Avery Cohen, New Glasgow 3:45 Third: Mya Ress, Trenton 3:46
The MacNeil Family Memorial 1/2 Mile Girls 9 Years
First: Kylea Bennett, New Glasgow 3:25 Second: Anna Kennaley, Bridgeville 3:27 Third: Rihanna MacKay, New Glasgow 3:32
Johnny Cooke Memorial 1/2 Mile Boys 9 Years
First: Kysac MacDonald, Halifax 3:02 Second: Mac Wallace, New Glasgow 3:14 Third: Austin Earle, New Glasgow 3:17
Burton Luddington Memorial 1/2 Mile Girls 10 Years
First: Mya Artibello, Antigonish 3:13 Second: Jesse Cameron, Antigonish 3:21 Third: Natasha Hahn, Pictou 3:25
Charlie Stevens Memorial 1/2 Mile Boys 10 Years
First: Nick Delorey, Monastery 2:58 Second: Lucas MacDonald, Stellarton 3:00 Third: Jake Henderson, Pictou 3:02
Andre Roussey Memorial 1/2 Mile Girls 11-12 Years
First: Cara MacDonald, New Glasgow 2:44 Second: Siona Chisholm, Antigonish 2:50 Third: Emily MacDonald, Antigonish 2:53
Jock Wilson Stevens Memorial 1/2 Mile Boys 11-12 Years
First: Conrad Robertson, New Glasgow 2:59 Second: Jack Noftall, New Glasgow 3:00 Third: Lance Horton, Trenton 3:04
Doug MacInnis Memorial 1/2 Mile Girls 13-14 Years
First: Mairian Canning, Antigonish 2:50 Second: M. Artibello, Antigonish 2:51 Third: Allie Sandluck, MacPherson’s Mills 2:54
Jim MacArthur Memorial 1/2 Mile Boys 13-14 Years
First: Ethan MacDonald, New Glasgow 2:34 Second: Malik Broan, Halifax 2:49 Third: Logan Bennett, Thorburn 2:51
Joan Carrigan Memorial Women 14-35
First: Breanna Sandluck, MacPherson’s Mills 36:05 Second: Jessica Zentner, New Glasgow 37:31
Third: Emily Morton, New Glasgow 39:28
Raymond Pentz Memorial Five Mile Woman Masters 36 and Over
First: Debbie MacDonald, New Glasgow 37:02 Second: Melanie MacCara, New Glasgow 39:08 Third: Michelle Sutherland, Pictou 41:35
Nonnie Morgan Memorial Five Mile Men 14-35
First: Peter Corbin, New Glasgow 30:34 Second: Walter Linthorne, Stellarton 30:59 Third: Ryan MacDonald, New Glasgow 31:48
Doucette Family Memorial Five Mile Men’s Junior Masters 36-49
First: Dave Hood, Stellarton 31:05 Second: Shawn Noftall, New Glasgow 33:31 Third: Donald Holder 34:25
Dennis Lawless Memorial Five Mile Men Senior Masters 50 and Over
First: Dave MacLennan, Scotsburn 29:39 Second: Jim Lays, Stellarton 34:48 Third: Darrell Spears, New Glasgow 34:55
Douglas V. MacDonald Memorial Five Mile Canadian Armed Forces
First: John Helpard, Victoria, B.C. 36:17


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