Church closure unfair


To Bishop Brian Dunne and Father Donald MacGillivary:

I hope you folks can go to bed and rest your conscience after closing four churches in Pictou County: St. Andrew’s, Egerton; St. Ann, Thorburn; Christ the King and St. Gregory.

We had a beautiful church in Thorburn through the efforts of Father Bernard MacAdam. We owe no bills and he had 60 people coming to church when they announced the closing. I keep a head count. Before that it was 70-80 people. We also keep a priest, housekeeper and Glebe House.

My wife and I bought the parish house in 1971. It had 10 rooms, what a beautiful property.

I sit out and look to the church and our beautiful cemetery and pray to St. Ann to keep me going.

I will soon be 82 years old. We have a daily mass on TV which I watch. This is where my money will go, also other Catholic charities and my special friends.

I’ve paid into our church since I was 18 years old. So it’s sad when other religions in our village question about our beautiful church. Should have kept it for funerals and weddings.

So Bishop Dunn, it’s time to wake up, smell the roses.

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