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One of the most important parts of a book festival is, of course, books. To make this happy partnership happen, Coles Books at the Highland Square Mall will be heading down to Read By The Sea Book Festival in River John for another year to supply all of the book needs for interested readers.

“It’s sort of a good marriage,” said Lynne Davey of Coles. Each year Davey, who is manager of the local store, heads to the festival to provide copies of what could be someone’s new favourite read. With a lot of local authors shopping in the New Glasgow store the idea was mentioned to Davey a number of years ago.

Currently the store has a display of this year’s authors and books available for those who want to read up on some of the novels before they head to the festival. A full stock of books will also be available at the festival and in the store after the festival is over.

“I think that connecting real life authors and real life readers elevates that experience,” said Davey about reading a book you love. She said she really enjoys attending the festival to hear about how some of the novels affected the readers.

“It’s such a popular festival,” she said. “Like me, a lot of folks want to read the books before.”

Davey noted that for those who hear something about a book that inspires them to read it, the book store will continue to carry the novels in store or they will have the opportunity to get them at the festival and have them signed by the author.

As an avid reader herself, Davey feels fortunate to be able to take part in the festival which she notes is very well put together each year. This year’s theme is Past and Perilous which highlights the fact that it draws high calibre writers to the area to share their talents.

“It’s always one of our favourite things to do all year,” said Davey.

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