Council approves $17 million budget


PICTOU – County council has approved a $17-million budget for 2016-17 that leaves its tax rates unchanged.

Council adopted its budget worth $16,994,390 at its monthly meeting on Wednesday.
The budget leaves the county’s residential tax rate at 81 cents per $100 of assessment, while its capital rate is unchanged at $1.82.

Council also approved a five-year capital plan worth $11,106,515.

Work will include scheduled work on water and sewer projects in Plymouth and MacLellan’s Brook, Abercrombie and at Springfield Estates that will require long-term borrowing.
Council also set its water utility budget at $327,668.

The budget also included a series of grants. Some of the larger commitments are $56,410 to CHAD, $37,500 to replace 4-H barns at the Pictou–North Colchester Exhibition grounds, $19,719 for DEANS, $15,000 for the deCoste Centre and $6,000 each for LORDA and the Pictou Lobster Carnival.

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