‘Extra’ offerings coming up at Sobeys Aberdeen


NEW GLASGOW – Fresh, local food and a larger natural source department are among features an expanded Sobeys grocery store will have at the Aberdeen Business Centre.

Branded as Sobeys Extra, the store is designed to offer a different shopping experience for customers, says Shauna Selig, communications manager for Atlantic Canada.

She said Sobeys is responding to the customer demands for more local products.
“Local is very important to us,” she said. “We try to buy local food as long as the quality, safety and consistency of the product are met. We know it’s important to our customers, but it’s also where we started.”

The Aberdeen store is acquiring 10,000 square feet of space previously occupied by Convergys. It’s part of a move to offer Sobeys Extra locally to coincide with similar grocery stores that already exist or are planned.

“It’s about extra departments and an extra team of experts,” Selig said. “We have them right across Canada but, taking everything into account, Aberdeen was the store here that made the most sense. To see it first-hand will be important to our employees.”

Selig described larger fresh departments that will include expanded produce, bakery and deli and a larger natural source department that will highlight items such as organics, gluten free food choices and natural health and beauty products.

Resource staff will be on hand to advise customers, while the team of experts Selig outlined will include a well-being counsellor, a Red Seal certified chef cooking up meal ideas and samples, a dietitian and cheese ambassador.

There will also be a Sobeys kitchen with a focus on healthy, ready-made meals.

Timelines are not yet definite on when the expansion will be complete.

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