Silver skills


SEAFOAM – Dylan Langille is leaving Moncton with his bags a bit heavier after having won a silver medal at the recent Skills Canada competition.

In April, Langille won gold at the Nova Scotia Skills competition in his field of graphic design which pushed him onto the next level.

Hailing from Seafoam, Langille just graduated from the Nova Scotia Community College Waterfront Campus in his program on Tuesday.

“This is my third year competing,” he says, noting he entered in 2012 for offset printing and the last two years for graphic design, winning bronze last year and silver this year.

“It’s a two-day competition where you get a new project each day with three components,” he explains.

“They vary widely. The first day we had to create (promotional material) for Magic Mountain and the second day was the Fundy Trail. It’s based in reality, but fictional.”
He says he felt pretty good going in, having won bronze last year, and was pleased with the end result.

“I’m pretty happy I was able to step it up this year; it’s exciting.”

Each province has the opportunity to send someone to the Skills Canada competition, however, there were only eight participants in Langille’s field.

Because of that, he’d like to see more interest in the event to create more of a competitive atmosphere.

“It’s such a big thing, I want more people to know about it,” he says.

“I think it’s mostly volunteer-run and all the people involved are awesome.”

Langille says it also doesn’t hurt being able to tell people you competed on a national level and won a national medal.

Langille has a small side business he runs called Broken Star Production, creating logos, design and wedding videography. Visit www.borkenstarproductions.ca or Facebook.

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