Pool party makes wish come true


Laughter and squeals of joy drifted through the air at the Fraser home in West River recently as Isaac Fraser got his wish… a swimming pool.

Fraser, who suffers from congenital muscular dystrophy, received his wish from the Children’s Wish Foundation last week with the gift of an above ground pool as well as some pool toys for him to play with while in the water.

“Isaac’s wish has probably been about five months in the process,” said Jacob Rafuse, wish co-ordinator for the foundation.

“It’s incredibly rewarding because I actually get to meet the kids,” he said of his job.

isaac childrens wish (1)The pool party for Isaac saw friends and family gather at the house on a newly built deck to enjoy the heated pool.  As Isaac’s friends jumped in for a dip, Isaac finally got to go for a swim with his mother, Sarah, splashing and making sounds of happiness the whole time.

Rafuse also presented him with two sea creature-themed balloon sculptures that floated in the pool.

“We’re just really grateful that this is able to happen for him,” said Sarah Fraser, Isaac’s mother.

“He’s just always really enjoyed the water. It’s a fun way for him to be active.”

She also noted that the pool will be great for his physiotherapy, as Isaac uses a wheelchair to be mobile.

“He’s a very happy little guy,” Fraser said.

Above: Jacob Rafuse, wish co-ordinator for the Children’s Wish foundation, left, and Sarah Fraser, Isaac’s mother, sit beside the new pool that Isaac Fraser, centre, received as his wish from the Children’s Wish Foundation.  BELOW: Isaac and Sarah play in Isaac’s new pool.  (Brimicombe photo)

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