Scramble participation was a privilege


To the Editor:

We felt very privileged to be able to enter a Northern Pulp golf team in the Summer Street Industries 22nd Annual Golf Scramble at Abercrombie Golf Club this year.

My sister has worked in this field of education for over 30 years and I can appreciate the hard work and commitment by the clients, workers, families and community members that help to create and nurture happy and successful citizens of our community. To me, their devotion and commitment to the success of Summer Street Industries make them some of the most very special people you’ll ever meet.

The party started the night before at the Abercrombie Country Club with a casino night. Games were available to play which helped raise funds for Special Olympics. It was a great success and a wonderful way to meet people that you would encounter the next day on the golf course. It was a blast.

The golf tournament was the next day; it was a very special event that I won’t soon forget. It was a celebration for all sponsors, Summer Street Industries and fundraisers. On just about every hole there was something to eat, drink or simply play a unique game before you teed off. They had golf skills challenges (like golf pong), trivia contests, lawn darts and the chance to win a car on several holes.

One very different and unique idea was that there were some small business ventures mixed in throughout the course which allowed everyone to build community friendships as well as promote business opportunities amongst sponsorship leaders. I found this to be very creative and inspirational.

Everyone at Summer Street makes all the events I attend very memorable and special because they have the amazing ability to make you feel happy and joyous while in their pres-ence – and this event was no different! The sponsorships involved in this event are remarkable. They help the facility maintain and build on its operations, ideas and development structure. A couple of the long-serving sponsors collected over $30,000 each on their pledge sheets this year.

This gave me a whole new meaning to what a pledge sheet means. Wow.

Collectively the pledges this year raised over $167,000 and over the last 22 years, Summer Street Industries through their Annual Golf Scramble has raised over $2.6 million in donations for their facility.

I felt proud and privileged to be in the same room with so many kind and wonderful people at the post-golf banquet. It was really nice to see the personal performances by clients and the video thank you from the Summer Street family. It was a nice way for them to show us they recognize and appreciate our support.

The entire team (staff, clients, etc.) of Summer Street Industries were very appreciative of the enormous amount of sponsorship, kindness, friendship and family support they received over the past couple of days from the scramble teams – but even more specifically the on-going support from the community throughout the year.

Finally, I’m sure my colleagues and friends (Jennifer Buchanan, Michael Wilson and Phil Redden) who golfed with me in the 22nd Annual Summer Street Scramble would agree that all of this fun wouldn’t have been possible without the community support shown by Bruce Chapman and Kathy Cloutier. We would like to thank them for this honour and privilege to represent Northern Pulp in this incredible community event. We had a lot of fun and got to meet wonderful new friends.

I just can’t say it enough – this great event showcased commitment, community, hard work, generosity, family and love. It was a first-class event and we look forward to defending our ‘best dressed team’ and ‘best dressed cart’ winning titles next year. I would like to challenge all of us at Northern Pulp to return in 2017 and take home the Most Improved Percentage in Donations Raised Award as a team – showing the continued support from all of us here at the mill.

We are very happy for all the years of success that Summer Street has encountered and we will continue to enjoy watching the facility grow.

Most importantly, we would like to thank Summer Street Industries for making us feel at home. Thank you! Much love and success in the coming year.

Dana Cameron
On behalf of teammates Jennifer Buchanan, Phil Redden, Michael Wilson and Kathy Cloutier

Oh by the way, if you’ve been waiting for me to tell you – we scored a 67 (4 under).

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