Voice your opinion on what you want for postal service


To the Editor:

Re:  Canada needs postal peace – July 6, 2016

Since its formation in 1965, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) has produced a number of significant advances for workers and its members.

In 1965, a “wildcat” strike was instrumental in obtaining collective bargaining rights for federal public sector workers.

In 1981, CUPW achieved paid maternity leave for its members, the first national union to do so.

Also in 1981, the Canadian Post Corporation Act came into effect creating a Crown corporation which provides postal service.

For many years, Canada Post (CP) has been operating as a for-profit business. For 16 years up until 2011, CP realized an annual profit and it has since had several profitable years.
Do Canadians want to operate this public service as a for-profit business?

Most in rural and remote locations would likely respond “No”. Those in urban locations, especially the elderly and disabled, are also likely opposed to the proposed cancellation of door to door delivery.

Currently the federal government is conducting a review of Canada Post.

I urge all Pictou County people to voice their opinion on the kind of postal service they want.

Ted Turner
Toronto, ON

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