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A straight-up pop band with an East Coast indie edge, PEI’s five-piece Coyote should get energy levels pumping when they open things up on the mainstage Saturday evening.
The group will also be performing at the Late Night Stage Saturday at the Acro Lounge & Eatery.

To date, the band has two EPs to their name – including ‘Proof of Life’ as well as the single ‘Nights’ of their forthcoming but, as of yet, uncompleted album.

“We’re kind of in the studio now,” said the band’s front man Josh Carter. “We just want to really take our time with this and pick at it and make sure it’s the best we can make. We want to make sure that sonically this record is at the core of our band. We’re definitely a pop outfit so we wanted the songs to be upbeat and uplifting, definitely very energetic.”
Coyote, at that core, is a synth-based pop band infused with tasteful, U2-like guitar work, ultra-melodic basslines and busy, dance beat drum work.

“I think in terms of our background, musically, we’re all interested in the East Coast jam scene going on in eastern PEI. There was a very big circle with bands like Grand Theft Bus and the Jimmy Swift Band, and bands like Nero, stuff like that,” said Carter. “They’ve always had this consistent, energetic, pop kind of indie feel but with a lot of intricate

“We just wanted to keep it poppy and keep it true to ourselves and what we all like individually,” Carter continued. “There’s always been a backbone of that. We all like different styles of music and it just kind of meshed perfectly to the sound we like to call our own.”
Although the band’s music relies in part on technology, the band prefers to keep things live in studio, taking live musicianship over loops and samples, or in Carter’s words “a five-piece effort.”

That “five-piece effort” has extended to song writing as well. Previously, Carter was very much the de facto songsmith but he said the band’s newer material
is much more collaborative.

“It used to be me with just an acoustic guitar,” Carter said. “I’d bring a song to the group, very bare bones and turn it into this bigger piece. Now it’s definitely more of a five piece, we’ll get together and start with an idea or a little hook, vocal line, or a guitar melody, or a snyth melody or piano. It’s usually inspired in the studio now or in the rehearsal space, I’d say about 70 per cent of the time it’s like that but 30 per cent of the time it’s a shell of something that I wrote and we’ll turn that into something bigger and better.”

There are no set dates or timeline for the group’s as of yet untitled album but Carter promised the final product would be “synth heavy” and not feature “too many slow jams”.
While fans may have to wait for the new disc to drop, Coyote’s two Saturday shows may just be enough to tide them over.

Then again, it may only make them hungry for more.

Coyote (Matt MacKinnon photo)

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