JUBILEE: The Motorleague motoring to Jube stage

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The Motorleague is heading back on the road supporting their third full-length album Holding Patterns, and is taking their show to the Jube stage Friday night.

The band has recently announced the reissue of their 2009 ECMA winning debut album Black Noise. The LP has been re-mixed and re-mastered by Steve Rizun (who produced Acknowledge, Acknowledge along with albums by The Flatliners and The Creepshow) and is now available on iTunes as well as on subscription services such as Apple Music and Spotify.

Their latest single, ‘All The Words’ is sitting in the Top 10 at Active Rock. The guys recorded and edited the video with footage from the first leg of their Canadian tour with the help of tour mates, The Dying Arts. The music video shows their amazing stage presence and the high-energy show you can expect on the new set of dates – including the Jubilee.

Holding Patterns was recorded at Toronto’s Vespa Studios with JUNO-winning producer Eric Ratz (Billy Talent, Big Wreck, Monster Truck, Cancer Bats). The album features 10 freshly minted tracks that cascade in tempo and intensity, from hard-hitting numbers like ‘The Boards’ and ‘All The Words,’ to slower sing-alongs like ‘Don’t Look Away’ and ‘Burn Everything.’

“We definitely wrote these with the live show in mind,” asserts vocalist/guitarist Don Levandier, and that’s certainly made clear just a few seconds into the first track. In fact, most of the songs on the LP were thoroughly road-tested before ever seeing the inside of the studio.

“Every night, we’d retool them based on what was working
and what wasn’t,” Levandier says.

Comprised of guitarist Nathan Jones, bassist Shawn Chiasson, drummer Francis Landry and singer/guitarist Don Levandier, The Motorleague has been a staple of the East Coast music scene for nearly a decade and, in recent years, have propelled their profile across the country amassing a rabid fanbase in their wake thanks to their notoriously
intense live shows.

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