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NEW GLASGOW – Clan Cross Fit has become a new club with an interesting concept of personal fitness.

Jason MacInnis and Ashley Greening introduce the regimen of weights, jumps, rowing and other exercise in late May and now boast about 20 members at a given time at their facility they opened in late May on the second floor of the former YMCA building in New Glasgow.

“It’s friendly competition with others,” said MacInnis during a session from 6 to 7 a.m. last Friday. “This is a benchmark workout, with timing and specific weights. We’ll have a clock running for our exercises. It’s not just competition. It’s a new measure of ourselves. It’s great fun. It’s challenging. It’s more than getting strong. It’s getting more fit and more agile. The first time I tried it I was hooked.”

Travis Gunn, who has enjoyed Cross Fit exercises elsewhere in Nova Scotia, showed up to help MacInnis and Ryan Leil through their workout and offered tips on improving their technique, especially the proper grips and lifting of weights.

“He’s an excellent coach,” MacInnis said. “He’s been at this for awhile.”

Gunn was introduced to Cross Fit by a friend in Truro three years ago. With no club nearby, Gunn began training at a club in Dartmouth, where he commutes to work from his home in Scotsburn.

Now he’s glad Clan Cross Fit is operating.

“It’s great for the county,” he said. “I was hoping someone would open it up and I’m glad Jason did. Cross Fit is the fastest growing sport in the U.S.”

Gunn said more people trying Cross Fit will determine the club’s success.

“You measure their progress if they keep coming back and enjoy it” he said. “They’re discovering movement they’ve never had – better co-ordination, movement, endurance. It’s good to come out at 6 a.m.”

MacInnis said he hopes more people join the club and become acquainted with what Cross Fit offers.

“It will help them live better, more healthy lives,” he said. “It’s a great fitness regime so we hope more people come out and try it.”

Jason MacInnis lifts 135 pounds, counting the bar, from a squat at the Clan Cross Fit facility. (Goodwin photo)

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