Former Scout leader cited in legislature


WESTVILLE – The founder and president of the Pictou County Military Museum says he’s pleased to be honoured for his work with the former Caribou District Scout Troop.

Vincent Joyce was presented recently with a folder by Pictou West MLA Karla MacFarlane containing a copy of the resolution adopted by the Nova Scotia Legislature after she introduced it on May 4 during its spring sitting.

MacFarlane recognized in the resolution Joyce’s contributions as founder and chairman of the troop. She also paid tribute to the troop being the only one in Canada that was officially allowed to wear a non-traditional neckerchief, the Caribou Tartan.
“I’m humbled but very proud the MLA would do this for me 20 years after,” Joyce said.

The resolution also paid tribute to Elizabeth Mackenzie of Three Brooks, who designed the tartan and registered it in Scotland in 1990. Its colours are green, white, grey, blue, red and black – colours that MacFarlane noted had a personal connection for Mackenzie with Caribou.

MacFarlane celebrated the generosity shown by Mackenzie and her husband Cliff MacKenzie to their neighbours of all ages.

“They’d rarely send us home without something every other time we visited – jam, pickles, mittens,” MacFarlane said.

The troop had a short life, MacFarlane noted in the resolution.

“Membership in the Caribou District Scout Troop dwindled as children grew and the local community began experiencing a decline in population,” she said.

The Scout troop was active for six years. Many benefited from Mr. Joyce’s leadership, and I thank him for his work with the Caribou Scout Troop.”

Pictou West MLA Karla MacFarlane presents Vincent Joyce with a copy of the resolution adopted during the spring sitting of the Nova Scotia Legislature for his work with the former Caribou District Scout Troop. Joyce is wearing a Caribou Tartan scarf.  (Goodwin photo)

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