Friends seize opportunity to get up close to PM


It was a day Aiden MacInnis of New Glasgow and Cameron Campbell of Westville won’t soon forget.

The two friends were in the audience last Tuesday when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came to town. They attended the barbecue at Glasgow Square with their friend, Blake.

The boys were eager to see the prime minister – and not just because he is the leader of the country. At their young ages, they recognize the value in being  a physical part of Canadian history.

Aiden and TrudeauNeither Aiden, 9, nor Cameron, 11, are particularly interested in politics. Instead, camping, skateboarding and sports are particular activities of  theirs. But they do like to seize the moment and they did just that with the Trudeau visit.

Cameron says of his desire to be part of the  Trudeau audience: “I wanted to go because you can actually get to know him and know he likes to meet people.”

He adds, “I wanted to go to the Museum of Industry when Peter MacKay announced he was retiring (in May 2015). I thought it would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I was a bit disappointed when I couldn’t get in to see him.”

And of the Trudeau visit: “He’s the prime minister; why the heck not?”

The two were as excited to see the security detail that followed Trudeau – particularly the “sniper on the roof!”

trudeau boysWas seeing Trudeau the highlight of their summer?
Well, it was one of the highlights, but also vying for top honours was a campout overnight adventure the two enjoyed as part of Cameron’s 11th birthday celebration. They stayed up the whole night for that!

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